We have been building for over 20 years a domainname collection for the international Real Estate sector, especially for the second homes or holiday homes all over Europe, in a.o. Germany, Spain, France, Poland.
This collection was and is intended for our own project on international Real Estate, but at this moment we are considering selling our collection of more than 125 premium domainnames.

This is a unique collection of top-level domainnames which can be used to create a strong brand for a second home company in Europe or worldwide.

Worldwide domaincollection which has been built in over 20 years.

Including the domains:
  • Secondhome.com
  • Secondhomes.com
  • Secondhome.eu
Unique domains for the Second home market in Europe.

Including the domains:
  • Secondhomes.es
  • Secondhomes.fr
  • Secondhome.ru
Create a network for Second homes or Second home owners.

Including the domains:
  • Secondhomenetwork.com
  • My-secondhomes.com
  • Our-secondhomes.com
Unique "Second-homes" domains collection which has been built in over 15 years.

Including the domains:
  • Secondhomepromotion.com
  • Secondhomestravel.com
  • Secondhomecoach.com
The huge amount of names, in the various extensions, critical for marketing approach.

Including the domains:
  • Secondhomes.tv
  • Secondhomestravel.com
  • Thirdhomes.com
The huge amount of names, in the various extensions, critical for an (inter)national approach, marketing and an optimal SEO result that will assure you to be in the top search-engines in the various regions and languages.


Please know that we are only interested in selling the total portfolio and in bids that reflect the unique value of this "second-homes"portfolio. If you are interested, we are looking forward to a tempting offer. You can contact us at info@actilus.com